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Drone Baitdropper

Attention Drone Fishermen: A Breakthrough in Drone Baitdroppers! - Something that works properly.

(The embarrassing problem besieging most baitdroppers that we have now solved)

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A Breakthrough in Drone Baitdroppers

 Are you at the beach to catch fish or become an electrical engineer?

  • Attaches to your drone in less than 10 seconds
  •  Requires no re-programming of your drone controller, or taking screwdrivers to your valuable drone!
  • Requires no power, no battery charging, no seperate remote controller.
  • Does NOT require to to turn off any of the safety and security features built into your drone
  • Does not change the balance or flying dynamics of your drone
  • Costs less than a packet of bait or a carton of beer (ok, something)


Looks like they have ​​​​​​​​​​​moved

Who was that guy again?​

The Top Three Complaints we Hear From Other Baitdropper Customers

  • It doesn’t work half the time!
  • It doesn’t release my line, so when I have to fly it back in, several hundred metres of expensive fishing line is tangled and ruined
  • It jams and my expensive drone goes plummeting into the water, in seconds!

    Our bait dropper is so reliable, so easy to use, and so accurate, we will give you a money back guarantee!

What Others Are Saying

Finding those clients can be difficult or impossible.  Certainly it is time consuming, time you would rather be using to advise clients you can talk to.  That is where Alchemy Deep Search comes in.  Using a combination of sophisticated computer software, search algorithms and one of the largest and most current databases in Australia, which also includes information dating back several years, we can take the last known information you had on your client, and give you back their current contact details.  

Sometimes they are hard to find

I'm seeing someone else now

Frequently Asked Questions

As you know, the Financial Planning landscape is increasingly competitive and regulated.  If you are not talking with your clients, then somebody else may be.   Find them first, by contacting us, and we will do the rest.  It will be fast and painless and may just produce a lot more gold than you ever expected those mountains of data to contain. Too busy to call?  Just Enquire Here, provide us with your basic contact details and we will follow up with you.

That mountain of gold is being mined, don’t wait too long or you’ll be sifting through the tailings.

Want a joyful reunion?

We will make no contact with you client unless you specifically direct us to, and even then it would only be to ensure a joyful reunion.  Then you can do what you do best, and consult with them on their current state of affairs and what they should be doing.

With the changing legislation, finding a particular client may be a matter of extreme urgency.    Need to find one or two people in one or two days?  No problem, we have an express service just for that situation.

Needless to say, it is all highly confidential.  Your information will not be shared with anyone else.  Your clients will not even know that we exist.  They will simply be surprised and very happy that you have taken the trouble to follow up with them.  They will think you are a wizard.

We are back in business!

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