How it Works

Alchemy Deep Search

Alchemy Deep Search has perhaps one of the most comprehensive and current databases of Australians, apart from perhaps the Tax Office! Added to that, we have several years of history, which enables our algorithms to effectively link changes over time to “follow” the moving target that is your client. No, we don’t actually follow them! . Overlaying that, our sophisticated search algorithms can use the data you give us on a client, to triangulate the location of a client. Anybody can find “John Smith”, we will give you the correct John Smith. How quickly and accurately we find them is influenced by how complete your CRM is, that is, how much data about them you have recorded, as well as the age of that data. Sometimes the person can’t be found. In a small percentage of cases, that client, for whatever reason, has gone to some trouble not to be found. We are not Bounty Hunters, although we may sometimes even find people in hiding. Or maybe they have already been “found” by the Authorities, which puts them out of our reach. However, in most cases, our technology will turn them up.

There are situations where you not only need to find them, but you need to find them urgently. Perhaps it is a short lived opportunity, a crisis, or perhaps it is driven by legislation that gives you mere days to reconnect. Don’t worry, we also handle urgent expedite cases, for someone you need to track in a day or two.

For the majority, though, the process is simple. You provide us with either access to, or a copy of, the data in your CRM. If you are unsure exactly how to do that, don’t worry, we will know how to. We will run your database through our system and return it to you with the lost clients details corrected. If you know exactly who is “lost” and flag them for us, we can focus on those. For many, a more common scenario is that there are 20% or 25% who are active. That leaves 75% to 80% who are either lost, or simply inactive.

Together with you, we will decide on a set of definitions of what makes a client lost versus inactive. When was the last recorded interaction with them, and how often would you expect to talk to them, being two typical indicators.

We will then go through and update their details. We also have additional services that can help you to prioritise them, re-engage with them, suggest topics you may want to talk to them about first, and you can talk to us about those services if they are of interest.

Once we have your CRM corrected, we can feed it back into your system, provide it to you as a copy, whatever makes sense given your operating environment.

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Do you know a “Fad Dieter” who is forever losing weight and then putting it back on again, in a repeating cycle? It is not very healthy. The same can be said for your client database, or CRM. A cycle of “finding and losing” clients is also not healthy. Our continuity service maintains an ongoing health monitoring of the accuracy of your CRM, and provides you with continual updates of recommended updates to client details, as well as recommendations when a “life event” and “environmental event” should trigger a conversation with your client.

Your clients will be pleased and amazed that you have kept in touch with them, in spite of feeling guilty that they moved and forgot to tell you. So they will be very receptive to hearing from you. Calling them proactively when an event triggers it, will elevate you to. “Guardian Angel” status in their eyes. Then you have a client for life and their “lifetime value” won’t be shared with your competitors. All because they trust you. And they will never know that we exist.